Patti Smith On Tour in UK

Are you a huge Patti Smith fan? Are you hoping to get a glimpse of famous punk rocker Patti Smith sometime soon? Want to know if she’ll be visiting a town near you? Check out these dates and times to plan your next Patti Smith sighting!

Patti Smith’s next upcoming appearance will be in Chicago tomorrow, February 21. She will be promoting her new book Just Kids. For information and tickets, or to buy the book, click here. Read the rest of this entry »

Fast Patti Smith Facts: Her Early Years

Ever wanted to know more about the punk rock star, Patti Smith? Here are some quick facts about her early life, both on the rock ‘n’ roll stage and in her own personal life.

Patti Smith was born Patricia Lee Smith.

The songstress was a Christmas baby: her birthday is December 30, 1963.

Smith was born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent much of her childhood in Deptford Township, New Jersey. Read the rest of this entry »

Under the Influence of Patti Smith

There’s a reason why Patti Smith is known as the Godmother of Punk. It’s not because she uses her guitar as a frilly little wand, blessing every punk rocker from 1975 to present. It’s not even because every time “Because the Night” comes on the radio everyone listening to that particular station suddenly transforms into a gothic punk-ish crooner, wailing out “take me noooooow” while simultaneously trying not to close their eyes while driving.

No, it’s much deeper, more meaningful, and long-lasting than that.

Patti Smith simply has influence. No matter how many artists she might cite who’ve provided her with some inspiration along the way, there will always be up-and-coming artists who look to the great Punk Godmother for their creative stimulus.

For starters, there’s…

Michael Stripe of R.E.M. A friend of Smith’s, he actually listened to her debut album Horses when he was only fifteen. Because of that album, Michael said that he decided to start his own band. So could we say that without Patti Smith, there would be no R.E.M.? Maybe…

KT Tunstall realized what she wanted to do with her life when she saw Smith in a magazine–and later dedicated a single to her in tribute.

Actress Ellen Page of Juno fame cites Smith as one of her biggest influences, something that made filmmakers include Smith songs in two of her movies.

And who knows how many more there will be? One thing’s for sure: with a sound like Patti Smith’s, you can bet that artists will never stop visiting her well to fill their buckets.

Patti Smith’s Latest Punk Rock

This year, Patti Smith’sĀ appearancesĀ are going to have something special in the mix: a new bestselling book.

Just Kids, a memoir of life in 1970s Manhattan, was just released. It also features her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe. Described as the book that tells how Smith became who she is today, it features their love that circled around both of their paths to stardom that evolved into a deep friendship when Mapplethorpe discovered that he was gay. Read the rest of this entry »